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per Month

( ad spend budgets up to  $2,500 )



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( Ad spend budgets up to $2,500 )



Per Month

 ( Ad spend budgets up to $2,500 )

Do you sometimes feel that your online presence is not what it could be? Wonder why you can’t seem to get at the top of Google search results, no matter how hard you market your website? Is someone always beating you to the punch with ads online and swiping customers out from under you? Do you ever feel that online ads are way too expensive for your start-up budget?

We can help with that.

With Google AdWords, you can attract business using specific ads that match specific keywords entered into the Google search bar.

How we can help:

At eComIntegrate, we are committed to a holistic approach to marketing your business. This doesn’t mean designing your site, then letting you handle the rest. We understand how busy you are and that your passion is your business, not marketing. We offer a wide array of full service products that will help you get your business off and running online, so you don’t need to worry!

How it works:

 Create an ad with Google AdWords and that ad will show up anytime someone searches using a specific, predetermined set of related search terms, using the Google search bar.

Track your ads progress! With Google AdWords, you will be able to see who clicks on your ad and when, what search terms are being used, and how attractive your ad is to Google users.

Tweak your ad to optimize your online following.

Reach customers from around the world and just down the street with your ad and generate traffic for your website and business for your brick and mortar.

And here’s the best part… You pay per click! If no one clicks on your ad, you don’t have to pay Google anything!

With our Google Adwords Setup & Management service, we will get you started with your first Google AdWords ad. Don’t feel like you have the time to keep track of your ad? No problem! In addition, we will keep track of your ads to be sure that each ad generates optimal traffic for your site.

Think of us as an online street team, marketing your business so you don’t have to. We’re happy to set our team of e-commerce experts to work on creating and tracking your next Google AdWords ad while you concentrate on your business!

Still not convinced?

Head over to our Testimonials page to see what other business owners are saying about eComIntegrate and try on our Google Adwords Setup & Management service for size. We guarantee you will be hooked!